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So we bought a car. Eeps! We are so very excited about it!!! About a year ago, we realized that we were going to need a new car if we were going to start a family. Ben’s Jeep has been a great car for us (and he’s been such a trooper for driving it for so long!), but as a 2001 model, little things are failing (he’s been driving with no A/C and little heat for the past 2 years!). Both our cars are totally paid for, and the thought of adding a car payment seemed horrid to us…so we decided to start paying ourselves a car payment, before we needed the car. (Yay Dave Ramsey plan!). For the past year, year and a half, we have paid ourselves a monthly car payment, and now we just paid cash for our new (to us) car. Can I just say that it felt SO good!! We had saved for this specific purchase, found an incredible deal on a fantastic car that we never thought we could afford, and had some left over to put towards house projects and other savings ideas! We feel very blessed!! We are also so grateful Ben’s Jeep held out and that it hasn’t yet reached the “nickel and diming” stage of its life. So I introduce our new Honda Pilot!

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When we first started looking at cars a few months ago, we realized that the main reason we were looking at small SUV’s was because of our dogs. Haha! We are those people, and are so totally ok with it! We travel with them whenever possible, and just because we are having a baby, we know that is never going to change. Our pups are our family and they come with us to family gatherings! I love my little Mazda 3, and it’s the car we drive everywhere…but putting 2 large dogs and a baby in the back seat? Yeah, not going to happen. And Ben loves to tow things (what boy doesn’t?), so a mini SUV it was. We were a little sticker shocked at the beginning, but just kept plugging away with our savings (and just a note, we knew all along we wanted something used…neither of us can fathom dropping $30K on a car, but that’s just us!).

Ben’s brother is quite talented with his Craig’s list findings, and a couple of weeks ago sent us a whole host of amazing options. As soon as we test drove the Pilot, we fell in love. It’s a slightly older model than we had initially wanted, but the miles are super low, and the transferrable warranty was amazing. Other pluses to this vehicle (versus a few other cars we were looking at), were the 3rd row seat option (which also means plenty of room for the pups and Owen’s big head), and the very nice tow hitch.

So, that was a huge event for us in April! A few more KAPtivations worth mentioning for the month…

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(1) We made significant progress on our “list” (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all our friends and family who helped out!), at least for the upstairs portion of our house, and that’s the part we truly care about finishing before Spark arrives.

(2) Ben turned 31! After working hardcore on our house the day before, we took the day to rest and grabbed sandwiches and ate outside on our porch in the glorious weather, took a nap, and spent some time with the pups at the dog park (one of our favorite things). It was fantastic and relaxing, just hanging out together. We don’t get too many days like that, with the perfect weather to boot!

(3) CPS Equipment Maintenance – Sooo, I’m slightly embarrassed about this one, but I FINALLY got around to sending a chunk of my equipment into Canon for cleaning and maintenance. I have never done this before, and I truly meant to do it during the off-season, but just never got around to it. I thought I was just sending it in for the “free” cleaning service, and was a bit shocked to get some repair estimates for each piece of equipment, but then I realized that of course equipment is going to need a little tweaking and calibrating and repairing after using it for 1.5+ years without being serviced. My 50mm lens (my favorite!) has been having focus issues for a while, and part of me just figured it was me doing something wrong or just how a lens operates, but turns out the auto-focus ring was totally off and they had to do some big eletrical fixing…SO very glad to have that back to perfect working order!!

(4) And lastly, have you SEEN these?!? Watermelon flavored Oreos?? I saw them at Target last week, and all I could think was how wrong it was. Stay classic Oreo.


Ah the fun part of this monthly blog post! Spark reached 29 weeks on Wednesday, and is growing like a weed (which means I am too!). He is moving like crazy and it’s so fun to try and learn his habits and tendencies. Other than a few nights of insomnia and other impediments to sleeping, we’re entering the 3rd trimester feeling really good! I have the normal aches and pains, but otherwise I feel like I have been blessed with an “easy” pregnancy (which I am so thankful for as shooting weddings with a hard pregnancy would be quite a challenge). We started our birthing classes last night (which we already LOVE!), and it’s all beginning to feel SO REAL. Can’t wait to meet this little man!

We’re still working on the name thing…I found this cool little website called Nymbler, and have been studiously plugging away, trying to find anything that strikes me as perfect for Spark. Yesterday’s “winners” were Nimrod, Uriel, and Eleazor. We have a ways to go. 😉

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And P.S. my plan has been to wear the same black dress in all of my bump pictures, and dress it up differently each week. That’s getting more and more difficult as I run out of tops and ideas!:-)

  • May 2, 2014 - 2:03 pm

    Alicia 'Vyborny' Svensen - Thanks for sharing pieces of your life! So glad that it paid off to save up and get what you wanted. Kev and I really enjoyed our classes too – for me it eased my mind to be a little more educated in a class format. and I totally know what its like to only have like 3 pieces of clothing that are appropriate for public :) ReplyCancel

  • May 2, 2014 - 6:43 pm

    Sarah Schneider - I drove my honda pilot with my babies for 7 years and LOVED it! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

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